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Speakers and Kitchens

I'm planning on moving my Denon M38 microsystem into the kitchen and pairing it with some new speakers (I never felt it had the oomph to get the most out of the Dali Zensor 1s, which will probably become part of a new separates system).

So I'm thinking of a smaller pair of speakers for the kitchen, and preferably more sensitive. The Zensor 1s are 86.5db. I was looking at QA 2010is but they have the same sensitivity (86db) The Boston Acoustic A25s are 88db. Could work well. Aesthetics are important, too.

Suggestions welcome.

Also, should I be worried about speakers and kitchens? They can get hot with the oven on. Obviously, the speakers will be well away from heat sources, but the ambient temperature still goes up and down quite a lot!

Looking forward to your responses.



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RE: Speakers and Kitchens

Monitor Audio BX1 (88db) or BX2 (90bd) should work well, look good too in any finish

Not sure about the temperature issue though

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RE: Speakers and Kitchens

I've got a pair of ATC SCM11s in my kitchen and I've given up worrying (or tried to) about what the temperature fluctuations and humidity might be doing to them. I wouldn't enjoy much music otherwise. Kitchens are not the best place for electronics and you just have to accept it.

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RE: Speakers and Kitchens

^ Likewise

Having my system in an open plan kitchen/living space I hate thinking about what the humidity/temperature changes might be doing with the speakers. Have given up thinking about it really and just try and keep windows open for fresh air when cooking. Tbh they seem ok and I'm probably just being over precious .

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