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Questions about my sound system

My setup:

2 Polk Audio Rti10s

McIntosh MC2500 Stero Power Amplifier

McIntosh c32 Stereo Preamp 


The speakers can handle 300 watts of power and the amp can put out 500w per channel i also have an 175 watt per channel integrated amp sitting in my basement. I was wondering if i should use both to Bi-amp or should i just stick the 500w amp

Also i blew one of my speakers and now whenever theres bass to the song i hear a terrible cracking noise in one of them. i was wondering where i could take it to get fixed and how much it would cost


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Re: Questions about my sound system

I personally would simply biamp what you have. I'm sure it will go plenty loud enough.

Speak to Polk and ask how to get it fixed.



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