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NAD 3020i

Hi all,


Does anybody know of a good company who could recondition / service my NAD 3020i and maybe if recomended upgrade some of the components ?

Thank you for all information given. 

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RE: NAD 3020i

Hi all,

I forgot to say that I live in England so if anyone knows of a good company please let me know.

Thank you.

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RE: NAD 3020i

Does it have any faults at present ? If not I would suggest you leave it alone unless you can do the mods yourself as they will cost more than the amplifiers worth.

If you want to upgrade, buy a better amplifier as tweaking a NAD 3020i is only going to give a marginal improvement, if any.

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RE: NAD 3020i

There are several repairers around one in Surrey, one in Norwich, I have not used them so don't know how good they are. You could look on the DIYaudio site to see what can be done, some have upgraded some parts, just google 3020 repairs and you should find it..

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RE: NAD 3020i

I would agree that if it is working ok then not to bother with a professional service that would probably cost more than the cost of a replacement (which isn't that much if you look at ebay prices for the 3020s).

You could however do a bit of a basic service yourself by carefully blowing away any dust on the boards (unplug it first, obviously!) and using deoxit or similar to clean the switches, phono outputs, speaker connectors and volume control pot to get the metal contacts good and clean again. The upgrade I always wanted to make with my 3020 but never got around to it was to replace the silly speaker terminal 'grabbers' that I could never fit all of my 79 strand cable into, and solder on some proper binding post connectors instead.

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