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RE: My new integrated amp

You'll be fine. There are amps that completely divide opinion, but the M3i is generally not one of them.
Let us know how you go.

"We should no more let numbers define audio quality than we should let chemical analysis be the arbiter of fine wines."  Nelson Pass

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RE: My new integrated amp

Thanks for your support guys,as said should be up and running by next saturday,so will let you know how i find it:)

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RE: My new integrated amp

Gibs_MK wrote:

Can you buy her a present as a softener? 

Or if you have hard water, buy her a softener as a present!

Enjoy your new toy when it arrives.   Smile


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RE: My new integrated amp

GSB wrote:

Ok so i probably fell for the oldest trick in the book.Contacted a local dealer about the MF M3i,as he was about to place an order with Music Fidelity he offered me a rather generous(promised i wouldn't say how much :silenced: )discount,if i were to buy there and then,over the phone....so i did(have spoke to them prior,and exchanged emails...they seem realy nice blokes :shifty: )

Now cno has recomended this to partner well with my speakers,as did the dealer,also the many different reviews iv'e read do claim this to be a great piece of kit....so no worries there.It also falls well within my budget.....but i now feel such a fool for not auditioning the amp...i'm sure i will be very happy with it. :oops:

So after following these forums for 2yrs and more i'd like to appologise to everyone who's ever given me advice becouse i didn't audition the amp,so it would serve me right if it all goes t*ts up!..will i ever learn :doh:

The amp should be ready for collection by next weekend Smile

Please feel free to leave ar*e kicking comments as i know i deserve them  :boohoo:

So a big thank you to cno,and also to hifix who recomended a different amp,but it was out of my price range Smile


Welcome to the mf i club sounds like a furniture out let ROFL I am sure that you will love your new amp Ive heard one and it was fantastic  Ive had my m6i for about 16 months and I am still in love with it I am sure you will not be disapointed

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RE: My new integrated amp

Congrat on the purchase and welcome to the MF club. Unless there is something wrong with unit, I am sure you will enjoy the sound from the amp. Do tell us how you get on with it...and dont forget to enjoy the music...not the hifi....:)

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