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KEF Q900 + Yamaha HTR 5790


I was thinking about purchasing a pair of KEF Q900's and was wondering if they will work well with my Yamaha HTR 5790.

My problem: I see they have a rated impedance of 8ohm but i read an article that these speakers can drop to 4ohms or below.


Will I be able to use my Yamaha 5790 to power the KEF Q900's...and have it sound good to excellent? ...or should I be looking at new receivers/amps? If so recommendations?



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RE: KEF Q900 + Yamaha HTR 5790

I was going to buy the q900 but settled for the 700 due to the size the 900.  The 700 put out plenty of volume for the size without the huge box. I feel it should work with your amp fine as the K2 is rated at an extra 15 wpc and at 4omh 200wpc your amp props be at 175 wpc and the speakers themselves properly only need 80 for a decent drive 

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