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Beovox M100-2

Hello guys,

I'm in the need of some advice.


Here at home, in a relatively small room (just 16m2) I used to have the following setup:

The Onkyo A-5VL. Playing lossless music over an optic cable.

Connected to that (for me) perfect amplifier I had 2 sets of speakers. The 3702 and the 1702. The small ones were just for some spreading of the music through the room since it's twice as long as wide. Soundwise the two sets matched perfectly and I practically always runned both at the same time.

I seriously loved the sound. I was in love with the bright, crips sound the set delivered. Even though the positioning of the speakers is far from optimal it always gave me chills when I played my favorite music. The only thing I missed was some bass. Even the larger 3702 didn't go below 40Hz and 

So I started looking for a subwoofer but in the end I found myself a bit unsure about the mids of the speakers, just missing a little bit, so with that in mind I started searching for second-hand M100's, apparently the flagship of those days from B&O.

Today I picked up a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beovox M100 (v2. type number 6319) and when I tested it at the sellers with my own stereo they sounded great. They had all the bass I'd been missing. Now with the speakers in my room, all set up, I listened for a while but couldn't find the real 'wow'. I figured it was because I was quite tired until I switched the amp to the 1702's only, which suddenly sounded so bright and close, the sound I fell in love with years ago.

When switched to only the M100's I realised they sounded quite dull, in a way, distant, just really missing the spark. Like when you've been to a concert without earplugs and get home, then everything is suddenly so dull.


Now I've read a lot about these speakers, and what I'm wondering is if it's the 30 year old crossover circuitry is the cause of this dull-ness. My old speakers didn't have such a complex crossover so I can see how they are less affected by their age. If that's the case I'd love to give these speakers the care they need to sparcle again, but I've seen images of the circuitry and photo's of the print which seem just a tad complex, and to go through all that work and spend probably way too much money without knowing it'll improve the sound doesn't seem right.

I hope someone here can give me some advice on this.