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RE: Annoying Hi-Fi related Cliches

BenLaw wrote:

Like a veil being lifted. 

You can be arrested for that - I don't recommend it

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RE: Annoying Hi-Fi related Cliches

Ben K. wrote:

"Flabby overblown bass"



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RE: Annoying Hi-Fi related Cliches

chebby wrote:

"The metal tweeters give a metallic edge..."

"The silk domes lend a silky smoothness to..."

"Valve amps have a warm presentation..."

"The speaker cabinets - made of dark chocolate - made them sound smooth with a slightly dark, bitter edge..."

... and so on.

I dread to think what makes a system sound 'organic'.  Bull****  maybe?

haha, well to be honest your first three cliches are actually true more than 30% of the time with budget kit, perhaps this started as people formed opinions from budget kit? 

Had no idea about the dark chocolate, my system needs a treble lift...should I paint my shelf white?  :?

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RE: Annoying Hi-Fi related Cliches

moon wrote:

CJSF wrote:

So, without these 'Cliches', how do you expect to describe a system, item or affect on a system, interstingly or to make any sence . . . you are putting down the wonderful coulour of the English language.

I, may not be mutch cop at it, but I do love the 'expresion' of those that are.

. . . take it with a pinch of salt and enjoy! . . . CJSF

it was just for fun Smile

I know where you are comming from moon . . . I did say, 'take it with a pinch of salt . . . ' 

Sadly, feelings can run high in the world of hifi . . . we do like to stire the pudding Dirol



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