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2nd hand alternative to B&W 685'S

Was thinking of getting a new pair of B&W 685 speakers but had an idea of saving some cash and getting a pair second hand B&W's  What model would be a good second hand B&W speaker to get that might compare to the 685.?

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RE: 2nd hand alternative to B&W 685'S

IMO the closest you'll get is either the B&W 602 S2's or the S3's


Both are still superb speakers BUT 2nd hand they still fetch fairly good money and the difference wouldnt be that big (i.e. for a few £££ more you'll end up with the 685's)!


Alternates to look at would be the Monitor Audio RX1's and BX2's (my month would be on the RX1's every day) BUT the RX2's would be a superb buy as well (although these dont pop that often 2nd hand)

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