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SoundMagic E10 RMA

Hi, I purchased a pair of SoundMagic E10's direct from Amazon UK back in July. I went to use them a couple of days ago to find that the speaker has come away from the rest of the housing. I checked them last night and the second earphone has developed the same problem, they've effectively split in two. It appear as though the adhesive used to hold the speaker in place has perished.

What I need to know is if anyone here knows the returns procedures for SoundMagic products in the UK. I no longer have the original packaging. I've just contacted Amazon to get their input, though I understand that they're not liable for defective goods after 30 days.



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RE: SoundMagic E10 RMA

Have alerted SoundMagic to your post so hopefully you'll get a reply ASAP.

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RE: SoundMagic E10 RMA

Hi Martin,

Sorry to hear your E10's have developed a fault.  We are the UK distributor for SoundMAGIC.

As with all products purchased from a retailer in the UK the retailer is responsible for replacing faulty products.

Frustratling Amazon tries to get out of looking after faults after 30 days, but legally they are 100% responsible.  See the following web link for more information about the Sale of Goods Act:


I would recommend challenging Amazon on this.

If you continue to have problems with Amazon then please let me know.

With best regards


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RE: SoundMagic E10 RMA

I actually posted here before I'd got a reply from Amazon. They've told me to return them for a refund. Thanks to both of you.


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