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Grado 325i or AKg K701 ???


guys please help.... Im really confused and do not know which would be a better buy.. The Grado 325i or the AKG K701... which would you experts recommend??? i love detail and excitment but want to enjoy my music and I'm not looking to anylise anything..i just want to enjoy my music..... Which is going to give me more enjoyment....more detail... more insight...attack.... which is going to make me think WOW....this sounds amazing... I am not too fussed about bass as I have my car and 2 18's for that...but DO love John Williams.... I know its not a big Budget but the Grado's are roughly 300GBP and the k701 are 160GBP.... I'm not interested in saving money..just want somthing to make me enjoy the experience... Note- I have a Kef Reference 7.1 (7.2 ;o) ) setup running off the old AX10is Pioneer surround amp and want somthing equally awsome Please Please PLEEEEASE help a fellow music lover make the desicion that will see me right. Thank you all in advance!! Mr Singh...

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RE: Grado 325i or AKg K701 ???

This is easy. Get the 701. Better sound, better build, and lower cost. The Grado gets a premium price because it's more hand-made (not better), and because of distribution channels and exclusivity. Now if you were talking about paying twice as much for the PS500, I might say go for it because it does sound especially good, in spite of the price.

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RE: Grado 325i or AKg K701 ???

Why only these two? What about beyerdynamics? They are pretty decent too and would be equally as good IMHO.  

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RE: Grado 325i or AKg K701 ???

duaplex wrote:

Why only these two? What about beyerdynamics? They are pretty decent too and would be equally as good IMHO.  

yeah and while we're at it there's a couple Sennheisers you could put in there, plus other models from Denon, Philips, SoundMAGIC etc...

It might be useful to get more of a handle on what you enjoy about your music. How much bass body and kick would you like, do you really want open back, does a bright treble annoy you etc.

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