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Btech BT928

Has any one had any experience with the [url=http://www.richersounds.com/product/amplifiers-receivers/btech/bt928/bte-techbt928]Btech BT928[/url]? It's pretty cheap but might still be a good buy? edit: rock grotto mini review [url=http://www.rock-grotto.co.uk/B-tech.htm]here[/url] sounds like it might be worth a punt.

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Re: Btech BT928

No experience Ed, but under the bonnet there is a lot more to it than the Cmoy, which considering the Btech's price, is what I thought it was, a variation of the Cmoy.

For Rock Grotto to make such flattering comparisons with their stock in trade, the MF X-CANV2, it does sound as if it would be worth a try.

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