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Videologic 601ES Digital Radio Tuner R.D.I Upgrade


I purchased a Videologic 601ES Digital Radio Tuner, back in 2002-3 when PURE was Videologic. Is there a Receiver Data Interface (R.D.I) upgrade out for it as this model? It has the support. If so, how much? Will I be able to receive a wider choice of stations with this upgrade?

I currently receive a limited number of stations as I live in Peterborough, East Anglia. I listen to SOLAR RADIO on my sky box channel 0129 which is my favourite station. Unfortunately, I can't receive SOLAR RADIO on my Videologic Tuner, so I'm hoping that an upgrade would make this possible as the audio quality on my Videologic tuner is better than my Thompson Sky box through my Hi-Fi. So if anyone has any ideas please be free to share them.


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RE: Digital and analogue radio

E-mailed PURE and got a reply today, theres no upgrades available for this product at the moment I've been told. I've tried a few things they advised me like re-tuning using the Autotune feature today and still the same number of limited stations.

The only station I listen to is SOLAR as they play lots of obscure, rare: funk/soul and groove on numerous shows throughout the day. This makes my tuner useless as I can't receive this station.

It's a shame that this product has been out for nearly nine years and theres a slot for upgradability with no upgrades available. 

Is there a new model wi-fi enabled with a hard drive or micro sd card slot? I might have to buy a new one further down the line. I can't afford to spend too much at the moment which is why an upgrade seemed appealing.

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How do I delete this last post?

I accidentally created a duplicate post by clicking reply one to many times, how do I delete this reply?

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