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evoke-2xt not charging

Hi folks..


my evoke 2xt isn't charging it's chargepak..

the chargepak is only 18 months or so old..

the charging symbol doesn't appear in the display..

radio works fine whilst plugged in so power getting in..

any ideas?

can the chargepak be charged out of the radio in any way?


thanks in anticipation

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RE: Digital and analogue radio

Mine almost does the same.

It does show the charge symbol but the chargepak doesnt hold a charge for very long at all.

My chargepak is a couple of years older and I was advised just to change the chargepak. I still have not done that ( so not a very helpful answer ) but I too would like to know if anyone else has experienced the same problem ?

Has anyone out there replaced a chargepak and job done ? I dont want to splash out if its the radio at fault even if they dont cost that much.


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RE: Digital and analogue radio

My Evoke-1S Marshall has never displayed a charging icon, but seeing as it works fine and lasts ages on the chargepak, it's never bothered me.

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