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Denon S52-dab problem

Hi I have a Denon s52, it keeps locking and making a load beep. I have googled it and found the comments below. Anyone else having this problem ? I am thinking of getting a refund, for £500 it should not crash and sound a lot better. 


"""there is a problem with the latest firmware available for the S-52. The firmware upgrade process went fine, but after the upgrade, my brand new S-52 would lock up randomly. Admittedly, it locked up once over 3-4 hours, so it does take some time to see, however when it did there was a load beep coming out of the speakers. Not exactly what you want to wake up to when you're going to sleep with the radio on sleep timer. I returned the unit and got a second unit and this time ran it continuously before upgrading it. No lockups! However some Rhapsody features are not functional without the firmware update and the wireless connection is less stable. After convincing myself the hardware was good, I upgraded the second unit. Within 4 hours of playback, it locked up again with the beep. They have a deadlock in their software or a heat issue with the new software - either way, I'm going to have to return the second unit. I can't have a $700 radio that locks up periodically - especially when I'm trying to sleep.""""