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maplin dac

hi i have ripped all my cd's to windows media player via they're lossless codec, currently running it out of my laptop via 3.5mm jack in to sony amp f4403 (its old !) and some ancient castle standmount castle speakers (they're huge not sure of model) i believe from what i have read , that a dac would be of great use to such a system. i cant stretch very far financially and i need a usb dac for my laptop - all the cheap ones seem to be optical or coax. however i have seen this http://www.maplin.co.uk/productsearch?criteria=Digital-to-Analogue%20Audio%20Convertor at maplin and wonder if it might be a worthwile improvement. has anyone used one in a hifi ? all the reviews are positive, but they are mainly by people using it to connect tv's to a 2 channel stereo. 



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RE: maplin dac

i was looking at that very DAC last week i thought for my use with iphone/pad and internet radio ill look at Denon DNP 720 AE. This also allows you to steam music from your pc. after buying the maplin one at 40 pound and if you what airport express to get air play at 80pound or a dock around the same price with cables your looking at the 150 – 200 pounds. I would say the DAC produce a fuller sound and is a huge improvement I would even go to say it’s like you brought a new hi/fi. There is also the Marantz na7004 to look at. I know price is an issue and was with me being to only 20 and a student. But save for what you really what otherwise you only kick yourself thinking u could have had better if u got in next mouth.

Second option buy the DAC from them test it out and if you don’t like it take it back with a good excuse, I found when shopping in maplin I know more than the staff trying to sell me the equipment

Hope I made myself clear if not don’t just ask    :grin:

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RE: maplin dac


i haven't tried the Maplin one but have bought one of the Behringer ones in the link above. Slightly cheaper and it works well, certainly a step up from the laptop headphone output that my girlfriend was using.

Only issue I had was withthe drivers, but downloading the latest set from the website sorted it all. Well worth the money and suprisingly capable ( being used with rotel amp and Kef RDM1 speakers, so a half decent system. 

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RE: maplin dac

Try looking for M-Audio transit on the Bay, supposed to have been good little portable USB dacs. There's one on now with 7 days to go. Could be yours for £20 maybe.

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RE: maplin dac

At the cheaper end I agree look for something like Behringer or M Audio. I wouldn't buy the Maplin one. Not because it will be bad, but because it's an unknown quantity and it might not be good, whereas anything by Behringer and M Audio will be at least half decent.

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RE: maplin dac

I have this DAC (actually I bought mine from Lektropacks but it's the same). I use it for listening to Spotify free with my laptop. For £36 it's pretty good. Miles better than the PC sound card. The only minor drawback is that the output is a little low so you need to crank up the volume on your amp a bit.

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