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Audinst HUD-Mini Special Price

I am a big fan of Aundist's HUD-MX1 (I will be posting a review of it next week in fact). They are launching a new model on the 17th of this month and I just got conformation that you can pre-order it on their eBay site for a reduced amount ($99 instead of $128). This equates to just under £67 (although customs may sting you too, they did for my MX1). It makes it one heck of a good price if it's anything like it's bigger brother or better. Anyway here is a link to their eBay page...



Some interesting bits:

DAC: Texas Instruemnt Burr-Brown PCM1791A 

THD+N: 0.00003%

High Performance ALPS potentiometer

Support for 88.2khz sample rates (24bit / 96khz max)

RCA line-outputs

S/PDIF Digital output



Just ordered one and will write a review for it as soon as I can...