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Arcam rDAC and rPAC

Hello all,

I currently have my Macbook connected to the rDAC using the USB input and I never use any of the other inputs. 

As I only use the USB input I was thinking about swapping it for the rPAC, but would I lose any quality or is the rPAC simply the rDAC with a single input?

The headphone out on the rPAC would also be useful, but the Dac would primarily be used for Hifi.

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RE: Arcam rDAC and rPAC

The rPAC and rDAC are not the same internally. DAC chip wise the rDAC uses a wolfson WM8741 whereas the rPAC uses a Burr Brown PCM5102. If that's different you can bet that a bunch of other things are too. In a recent WHF blind test between the two DACs the rPAC was pretty clearly picked as the better sounding but this could be down to its presentation.

It doesn't seem like a terrible idea to save yourself some money and go for the smaller unit, you might prefer it. The rPAC is USB powered so makes a nice option for portable use with a laptop and headphones. Its the best sounding USB bus powered device that I have heard so far.

I really like the rPAC but find the Yulond U100 even better for about the same money. Its a bit better on the detail and closer to neutral (The rPAC seems a bit on the warm side by comparison), it also has a proper volume dial and can be used as a headphone amp only too. On the down side the Yulong is quite a bit bigger and needs mains power.

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