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Yamaha to replace my Pioneer?

I was wondering,


I already owned a Pioneer VSX 921 and bought the Dali Zensor 5.1 package, it is very good but sometimes I want a more fuller sound, the Pioneer is a bit lightweighted i think.


Should I swap the Pioneer for a Yamaha rx 667? or maybe an older Yamaha rx 1065?  or rx 1900 (at the same price)


And what about Onk? Does Onk give a bigger sound like Yamaha does? Maybe an Onkyo 806? or 808? They are very cheap now like the Yammies.

The new Yamaha Avantage 1010 should be perfect I think, but at a much higher price compared to Onk 806 and Yammie 1900. I don't need 3d and wifi because I have a Pana G20 and apple tv to stream music from my mac. For serious music I listen to my ded. stereo set-up 2x Exposure biamped to Audiovector s3 Sig.