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VXS-921 or Denon 1912

I'm interested in either Purchasing the Denon 1912 or Pioneer VSX-921 for Airplay. I have been told by Denon and Pioneer that when an airplay stream is detected that the receiver switches it's input to accept airplay. Is this correct? Also, what happens when the airplay stream from an ipod touch/iphone is stopped. Does it revert back to the previous used source input? Ben

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RE: VXS-921 or Denon 1912

I've just downscaled my AV system and tested the 1912 / 921 & Marantz SR5006, I too wanted the AirPlay feature. Out of the 3 the 5006 was the best sounding and specified machine, but came in a little bit more expensive than the rest. My next choice would have the 1912 which IMO was better than the 921. But as always I would suggest you demo both yourself before making a choice.

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RE: VXS-921 or Denon 1912

I'm currently looking at changing my reciever due to AirPlay. The pioneer 921 and the denon 1912 are both on my short list. Do you know if the Onkyo 609 is AirPlay compatible??

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RE: VXS-921 or Denon 1912

The 921 doesnt revert back to the previous input, it is just the same as changing an input on the remote. You can of course select an input from the Control app for the iphone/iPad.

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