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Marantz NR1504, any good?

Hi, does anyone own or has heard the above receiver?

I have noticed that Peter Tyson are currently selling it for £230 with free delivery. I have seen mixed reviews on these ''slim'' av receivers and wondered if the matantz was any good and if it was better than the Sony STR-DN840 and Yamaha RXV365.

I am currently in the process of choosing between these three receivers and it would be great if I could get some feedback from anyone who either owns or has heard the marantz in action.

I am interested to know about sound quality, ability to steer effects and being able to  reproduce detail and dialogue. Im not too fussed about 2 channel stereo as I already have a seperate system that is used for music.



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RE: Marantz NR1504, any good?


I auditioned many receivers (yamaha, sony) before opting for the marantz. You will not be disappointed. It's a superb amp. In my opinion it was so good even with stereo I sold my marantz pm6004 (have Monitor Audio BX2) Bluray soundtracks are powerful/detailed. Stereo (with marantz cd6005) sounds equally detailed. Airplay sounds amazing. Build quality is top notch. The amp runs cool. Lovely looks and low profile. Seriously the NR series receivers represent superb value for money. I'd say order from peter tyson (I did) and audition for yourself. 

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