There's an LG C2 OLED TV sale on, but I'm holding out for better prices

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Upon LG's announcement of its 2023 OLED TV lineup, my first thought was "brilliant, now last year's models will drop in price". While the all-singing, all-dancing LG G3 looks to be the top-of-the-range TV to go for, I've gravitated more towards LG's C series of OLEDs, namely the 42-inch C2. And with the imminent release of the C3, my hopes were high that the C2 may drop to a slightly more accessible price so that I could adorn my desk with the best gaming TV at a manageable size.

Lo and behold, LG is running a sale right now, with hundreds of pounds off the price of a new C2, and yet I'm not buying.

With the G2, C2 and all of LG's 2022 TV models being replaced by their equivalent 2023 successors, LG is offering some discounts on the existing models, presumably to shift old stock out of the way. Hop on over to, select your 2022 TV and add code LG10 at checkout and, hey presto, you've got an extra 10 per cent off the already discounted price. Who could say fairer than that?

Actually, I could, because these TVs have been much cheaper than this before. Take the 48-inch C2 for example. It's currently priced at £1100 on LG's website and the LG10 code drops that to £990. That's a big discount on the launch price of £1400, granted, but it's significantly more than the £799 price it hit during Black Friday. This is a theme that's repeated throughout the whole range. Yes, the current deal prices are good, but they've been better, and I'm willing to bet they will be again.

There's one problem with holding out for a better price on a soon-to-be-replaced product: there's a real risk of waiting for the best price possible and missing out entirely. In fact, the 42-inch C2 – the one that I'm actually after – is already listed as discontinued on LG's own site. It is, though, still in stock at various other retailers and at the same price (most are offering their own 10 per cent discount codes), and I'm more than up for a game of TV deal chicken.

For reference, 2021's 48-inch C1 was available for under £800 right through May and into June 2022. Now, I'm not saying the 42-inch C2 will last that long (it seems to be an incredibly popular model) or will go that low (although it did go down to just £699 during Black Friday), but I'm pretty sure it will go lower than it is now before stock really runs out and I'm prepared to risk it.

It really is a risk, though. It will almost certainly be Black Friday 2023 before the new C3 gets its first big discounts, so if I do miss out on a 42-inch C2, I could be waiting a rather long time for my new TV.


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