Rewind: Audiolab’s 9000N streamer tested, hands-on with Marantz’s M1 amplifier, Sony 2024 TVs and more

Marantz M1 streaming amplifier on a desk
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Welcome to the latest entry of our weekly Rewind column, where our team of experts gives you the perfect way to start the week with our hi-fi and home cinema news digest.

As always, we detail the top headlines and developments in the world of hi-fi and home cinema over the past seven days. Last week was another strong showing, with the team delivering its verdict on a talented standalone music streamer from Audiolab, and getting to spend some time with a new streaming all-in-one from Marantz. And the streaming theme continued with a new model from NAD also breaking cover.

We also took you through all the key models in Sony’s 2024 TV line-up in full and found a couple of outstanding deals including one on a five-star Dolby Atmos soundbar.

Here’s what you need to know.

Audiolab hit the spot with a superb music streamer

Audiolab 9000N on wooden rack

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We have plenty of time for Audiolab when it comes to music streamers at affordable prices, but the brand has gone up a few gears with the range-topping 9000N. We put the streamer through its paces and let’s just say this impressive unit did not disappoint. Powered by a streaming platform from high-end experts Lumin, it delivers a strong enough performance to trouble the established class leaders.

Read our full Audiolab 9000N review

Sony’s 2024 TV line-up was laid out in full

Sony Bravia 9 in a living room

(Image credit: Sony)

It can be a hard job deciphering a TV manufacturer’s line-up but we took the hard work out of the equation by drawing up a comprehensive guide to Sony’s 2024 TVs, splitting them up by model range and explaining the key differences. If you want to know what distinguishes a Bravia 9 from an 8 and 7, this is the page for you!

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We went hands-on with Marantz’s do-it-all M1 streaming amplifier 

Marantz Model M1 streamer on wooden shelf

(Image credit: What Hi-Fi?)

We've been itching to get our hands on the Maratnz M1 ever since the petite all-in-one was revealed back in May. Well, our Hi-Fi and Audio Editor Kashfia Kabir finally had that chance and her first impressions are extremely positive. As she notes, there’s been an explosion of streaming products around this size and shape and we are excited to see how the M1 performs when we get one into our test rooms to review.

Read the full feature: The Marantz Model M1 could be the hi-fi streaming amplifier I've been waiting for

NAD joined the streaming party with the C 700 V2

The NAD C 700 V2 BluOS Streaming Amplifier on a shelf with Bjork album art displayed on screen.

(Image credit: NAD)

You wait around for one music streamer and three come along at once. That was the theme for last week, as NAD dropped the news that it was launching a new music streaming amplifier in the shape of the C 700 V2.

Read the full story: NAD's latest streaming amp adds a better DAC and advanced vinyl skills

Testing a premium JVC projector got us thinking

JVC DLA-NZ800 projector with a light coming from the lens in a dark room

(Image credit: Future)

Our Staff Writer Lewis Empson spent some time in the presence of a premium JVC projector which impressed him enough to write an article about why he thinks if you want to experience a proper cinema experience at home, you need very deep pockets. Click the link to read how watching Oppenheimer on the JVC compared to his IMAX experience.

Read the full story: I've figured out how much you need to spend on a projector for it to be better than the cinema – and it's a lot

We spotted a great deal on a Sony Dolby Atmos soundbar

Sony HT-S2000 sitting below a TV

(Image credit: What Hi-Fi?)

Not only did we spot a great saving on some excellent noise-cancelling earbuds from Bose, we also found a great saving on a Dolby Atmos soundbar from Sony. Proving you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a big improvement on your TV’s sound, we thought this £50 drop was sufficient to shout about and the deal is still available at the time of writing.

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  • Jasonovich
    Forgive me for thinking, all these manufacturers are taking a leaf out of somebody else's book.

    The Marantz à la WiiM
    Audiolab / NAD à la Eversolo......... Eversolo à la Rose.
    699469956996This kind reaffirms, if it's working great for your competitor, don't reinvent the wheel :)