10 Christmas gift ideas for sports fans

Whatever the recipient's sport of choice, they'll need something to watch it on. And listen to it on. And stream it through. And project it onto the wall with. And so on.

That's why we've got the best gift ideas for sports lovers, including projectors, TVs, radios, tablets and more. But no lycra. They can buy that for themselves.

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Sony KDL-32WD603

Tested at £300 / Best price £259 at Amazon

If you're not the world's biggest sports fan, but live with someone who is, why not get them a second set so they can watch somewhere other than the lounge? That way, you get the big TV for yourself. Or if you are a fan, this 32-inch Sony is perfect for watching in the bedroom together. Win-win.

Sony KDL-32WD603 review

Samsung UE65KS9000

Tested at £2,900 / Best price £2,149 at Currys

This 65-incher is 4K-ready, so you can watch sports in stunning detail courtesy of BT Sport Ultra HD and Sky Sports' 4K service. Why would you ever leave the house again? The user interface is a doddle to zip around, and the colours are spot-on. It also handles fast-moving action like sport with aplomb.

Samsung UE65KS9000 review

Now TV Smart Box

Tested at £40 / Best price £14.24 at Amazon

If the sports fan in your life doesn't want to shell out for Sky Sports every month, the Now TV Smart Box is the perfect gift. They can buy Sky Sports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so they can only pay when there's something they really want to watch. It also has Freeview built in, so can replace that knackered box under your telly.

Now TV Smart Box review

Microsoft Xbox One

Tested at £430 / Best price £179 at Tesco

The Xbox One is hands down the best all-round console going. New features arrive via regular updates, you can hook up your PVR, and use it wth Kinect Voice control. It also benefits from regular price cuts, which we like very much.

Microsoft Xbox One review

Q Acoustics Media 4

Tested at £330 / Best price £279 at Sevenoaks

Face it: the roar of the crowd just won't sound the same with a piddling audio set-up. Hook up this stellar soundbar to your TV, and you'll be transported inside the stadium. It has a great dispersion of sound, making you feel like you're part of the crowd, while the weighty bass adds impact to those wow moments.

Q Acoustics Media 4 review

Epson EH-TW5350

Tested at £600 / Best price £600 at Amazon

A projector? For Christmas? Do you think we're made of money? Actually, this one is more affordable than most. But it doesn't scrimp on the quality – the picture is clear and detailed, with barely any noise, while the colours are nicely balanced. Unlike the England football team. But hey, you can't have everything.

Epson EH-TW5350 review

Apple iPad Pro (12.9in)

Tested at £679 / Best price £699 at Amazon

You want to watch sports out and about? You want the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Its gargantuan screen is ideal for showing off the best sporting action, yet it takes up a lot less room in your bag than a laptop. Audio is also solid, which makes all the difference when you're caught up in the action.

Apple iPad Pro (12.9in) review

SoundMagic E10C

Tested at £40 / Best price £39.95 at Richer Sounds

Let's be honest, not everyone wants to listen to the Boxing Day football match, especially if you're at a church service. These headphones keep you up to date with clear, detailed sound, without letting anyone else know what you're up to. They're highly affordable too. Just remember not to cheer in the middle of the prayer.

SoundMagic E10C review

VQ Blighty

Tested at £50 / Best price £50 at Currys

For listening to the commentary on 5 Live, Talksport or Test Match Special, you'll need a decent radio. And this one is portable too, so you can take it in around the house with you. The VQ Blighty looks fantastic, has great sound and solid battery life. It also costs just £50. Trust us, the sports fan in your life will thank you.

View Quest Blighty review

Samsung Gear VR

Best price £60 at Amazon

If you're yet to experience boxing in virtual reality, you're in for a treat (see the review on Stuff for proof). Strap on the Gear VR – with a compatible phone in place, natch – fire up the Sky Sports VR app, and get ready to start ducking and weaving. Keep telling yourself – he can't actually hurt you.

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