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Etymotic Research HF2 review

These customised headphones will fit your ears perfectly – and they don't perform too bad, either Tested at £180.00

Our Verdict

The same money buys punchier headphones, but not ones that fit quite so well


  • Excellent fit
  • balanced sound


  • You can get better performance for this sort of money

Tiny, lightweight headphones with a 'push-to-talk' button which means you can listen to music on your phone without missing calls sound like a fine proposition.

And if you're prepared to double the money you spend (the standard-fit headphones cost £90), you can use a voucher enclosed in the HF2s' packaging to a) book yourself an appointment with a representative of Advanced Communications Solutions; b) allow said rep to fill your ears with what looks suspiciously like grout; and c) wait a couple of weeks for some bespoke tips that fit your ears exactly.

It's certainly worth the hassle. The Etymotic HF2s aren't the last word in low-end punch, but they're a balanced and musical listen with just the right amount of bite at the top end and a stirringly intimate way with a vocal.