Best LG OLED48CX deals 2022: the lowest prices on LG's 48in OLED TV

Best LG OLED48CX deals 2022: the lowest prices on LG's 48in OLED TV
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OLED TVs are big, right? Or at least, they were. For years, the only OLED TVs you could buy were 55in or larger. But then along came LG with a 48in model and changed the game.

Because the LG OLED48CX isn't a downgraded flagship set – just a downsized one. In other words, you don't sacrifice performance along with size. Which makes it a superb option for those of us with less space.

And there are a few tasty deals to be had on its £1500 ($1500) RRP. Let's have a look see...

The OLED48CX looks like a mini LG OLED55CX (because essentially it is) and also bears a striking resemblance to LG's C9 model, which we're quite happy about: the C9 is a smart-looking TV, whose smooth, sculpted pedestal is more elegant than the simple feet of most rivals. It also gives the set a marginally narrower footprint than some – handy if you're placing it on a TV cabinet.

More importantly, it packs LG's top-of-the-range processor and supports the main formats of HDR technology alongside the all-new Dolby Vision IQ. Features for next-gen gaming consoles also come as standard: Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) reduces lag, while Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) dynamically adjusts the refresh rate depending on the on-screen action, so fast-moving games look suitably nippy.

LG's webOS platform is one of the best TV interfaces going, with most of the major apps (finally including terrestrial catch-up apps, which were missing at launch).

The picture is a sight to behold, too. Colours are lush and vibrant, but also effortlessly natural, with skin tones looking entirely realistic. Fire up a 4K Blu-ray and the results are stunning: the picture is beautifully crisp, natural and detailed, with perfect, inky blacks the likes of which haven’t previously been available from a TV this size in the 4K era. The same can be said of the viewing angles, which are practically perfect.

It puts in a solid performance on the sound front too, thanks in part to Dolby Atmos support. This adds some much-needed height to the delivery of Atmos content, making the whole experience more immersive. Sound is punchy and engaging, though of course we would recommend partnering it with one of the best soundbars for the best experience.

LG supplies OLED screens for all the major TV manufacturers, whose own sub-55in OLED TVs have inevitably started to arrive. But LG was there first, and its offering is one of the best TVs we've seen of any size. 

Want slightly better? Then there's the Sony KD-48A9 48in OLED TV, which scooped a What Hi-Fi? Award 2020 for its slightly better picture quality – although at the time of writing it is a little pricier.


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