• dBLogic EP-100
Our Verdict 
They might not be the epitome of “hi-fi”, but the EP-100s offer a dramatic, enjoyably musical performance
Clever volume-limiting tech
clear, punchy character
dramatic when the music demands
Midrange can err towards boxiness
not the most refined listen
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This is the first pair of dBLogics we’ve had in our testing rooms, and we were intrigued from the off.

Boasting a feature called SPL technology, they claim to limit the sound-pressure level entering your ear to 85dB – the maximum recommended volume you can listen at for eight continuous hours without doing permanent damage to your ears.

That’s a sobering thought, especially for full-time reviewers like us, so it’s good to see a design that takes hearing damage into account rather than simply going down the “seismic bass” route.

The maximum volume level on offer isn’t unlistenably quiet, either – when the dBLogic EP-100s are shoved into your ears and a decent seal is achieved around the flanged silicon tips, 85dB is still pretty loud. So, they won’t damage your ears with mega-volume.

A little bit of 'honk'Will they damage your soul with awful sound? No, not that either. We were pleasantly surprised, in fact, at the EP-100s’ clarity and openness. Save for a little bit of ‘honk’ in the lower midrange, which can edge the sound towards boxiness at times, the presentation is commendably balanced and airy.

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Low frequencies are reasonably quick on their feet, and tight enough when it comes to rhythms as long as things don’t get too complicated. The overall sound isn’t what you’d call ‘refined’, though – which is both a good and bad thing.

On one hand, treble can get a little rough around the edges when pushed, and focus suffers during busy material, but at the same time there’s still a sense of drama that some of the other earphones here lack.

We like the EP-100s a lot – it’s only that bawdiness to the treble that’s holding them back from the full five stars.

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dBLogic EP-100
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