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The Ikon 6 Mk II gains maturity, but loses just a little sparkle in the process
A seamless, sophisticated balance
fine insight and control
go loud with ease
unfussy about positioning
Not as entertaining as the originals
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We were big fans of the original DALI Ikon 6. Its enthusiastic yet balanced sound and competitive £899 price won it many friends.

The new model moves up a price point but still resembles the original thanks to that unusual dual-tweeter arrangement.

High-frequency duties are shared between a relatively conventional soft-dome unit and a ribbon design. The twin bass drivers are all new, and use the firm's now traditional wooden fibre cone material.

Need room to breatheThese speakers like to fire straight-ahead not angled towards the listening position – and need a bit of room to breathe if the bass frequencies aren't to dominate. In our test room such positioning results in a tonally balanced sound with a wide and expansive soundstage.

There has been a change of sonic character with the shift to Mk II status. The sound is now cleaner, clearer and certainly more insightful.

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The Ikon 6s sound as at home with Chopin's Nocturne No.2 in E Flat, Op.9, which requires a delicate touch and convincing tonality, as they do thumping out the distortion-ridden overload that is Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

It's all done with class leading control, impressive refinement and seamless integration – no mean feat considering the use of four drive units in each cabinet.

Curbing the enthusiasm Impressive as all that sounds, there are flaws. The trade-off for greater sophistication has been a loss of enthusiasm. The speakers lack a degree of excitement that the originals had in spades.

There's no doubt that the Ikon 6 Mk 2 are better speakers than their forerunners. It's just a shame they're not more fun.

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