• Custom Design SQ400
Our Verdict 
Excellent stands that will permit your kit to perform at its best
Allowed our speakers to sound livelier, clearer and more detailed
Keep an eye on parts that may loosen
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You can’t get much more simple than this design: one support, two plates.

The top plates here are acoustic steel, an option that takes the price up from £90 to £100. Our only reservation with the Custom Design SQ 400 is the screws loosening and the parts starting to twist, so keep an eye on them.

Performance-wise we’re very happy. Our Monitor Audio Bronze BX2s sounded full of life, detail and clarity. Low frequencies are definitely full, but with filler this can be mitigated.

There’s a slight notch in the midrange which, when coupled with occasionally boisterous bass, can cause vocal parts to sit back in the mix, but overall it’s an enjoyable performance.

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