Our Verdict 
A passable HDMI upgrade, but the 700 Series doesn't really excel in any particular area
Fair amount of detail
good edge definition
Sonically subdued
lack of clout for the cash
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Cambridge Audio is a manufacturer you probably associate more with hi-fi separates than HDMI cables, but the British company has recently added some new cables to its product line-up.

The 700 Series sports an eye-catching purple polythene jacket and shiny, solid connectors. As far as picture quality is concerned, the cable allows for a reasonable amount of detail, and edge definition is decent enough for the money.

However, this can be bettered by price-comparable alternatives such as Chord Company's SuperShield.

Sonically, the cable sounds subdued and far too laid back. The narrator's dialogue during the opening chapter of the Blu-ray of Moon doesn't have any real impact and neither does the accompanying soundtrack.

Rivals at this price can provide greater dynamic clout.

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