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Chord Company Supershield review

It may look eyecatching, but this 1.4 toting Chord Company HDMI cable also has the ability to do the job, with punchy sound and crisp-edged images Tested at £50.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

A clear step up over most cheaper HDMI cables


  • Punchy sound
  • crisp images
  • stylish, good all-rounder, now upgraded to 1.4 spec


  • Nothing of note

Cables Product of the Year 2009

Since winning last year's Product of the Year gong, the Chord Company SuperShield has had a revamp: the conductors are now silver, and you get ethernet and 3D capability courtesty of its HDMI 1.4 spec.

You'd never guess this capable's budget status from its looks, build or performance: it's £50 very well spent, its punchy, brightly lit and crisply edged pictures drawing you into the picture in style.

Given the bright opening scene of The Fellowship of the Ring, the Chord rises to the subtleties of the occasion. The greenery of the shire is reproduced in detailed, deep and noise-free images with bright, natural colours.

The classy image is perfectly complemented by its burly, energy-infused sound: it's a clear step up in quality over some cheaper rivals. A class leader.

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