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Best TVs under £1000: 4K, HDR and budget TVs

Best TVs under £1000 Buying Guide: welcome to What Hi-Fi?'s guide to the best TVs under £1000 that you can buy in 2020.

After a house and a car, a TV could be one of the biggest purchases of your life. And seeing as you'll be stuck with it for at least a few years, you don't want to make the wrong decision.

That's where we come in. We've previously rounded up the best TVs money can buy, as well as the best options at 55 inch and 65 inch sizes, small TVs, plus our pick of the best Samsung TVs and LG TVs. Now it's the turn of TVs under £1000.

Whether you want a big screen TV, smaller model for a second room, or just want a good all-rounder, there's something for you.

You can expect to get a 4K model, even at this sort of price, and HDR will be supported, too - but check which specific formats it can handle. It's also well worth finding out which streaming apps are built in, as well as whether it's got enough HDMI inputs for your physical sources.

The TVs below are a varied bunch, but they've all got one thing in common: they all come recommended after extensive use in our testing room. So which is right for you? Let's find out...

Best TVs under £1000: 4K, HDR, big screen and budget options

(Image credit: Samsung)

1. Samsung QE55Q85R

This 2019 near-flagship QLED is currently available with huge discounts.


Screen size: 55in (also available in 65in, 75in) | Type: QLED | Backlight: direct LED | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, HDR10+ | Operating system: Tizen | HDMI inputs: 4 | ARC/eARC: ARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 71 x 123 x 6.2cm

Reasons to Buy

Detailed, authentic blacks
Exceptional upscaling abilities
Wide viewing angles

Reasons to Avoid

Sound lack a little weight
Motion could be better

When we first reviewed the 55in Q85R it was priced at £2299, so the fact that it's now dipped into sub-£1000 territory is a cause for serious celebration.

This model sits just one rung below Samsung's 2019 4K flagship, the Q90R, and is itself an excellent set that's exceptionally bright and punchy, with deep, detailed blacks and very good viewing angles.

The Q85R even has a One Connect box - a separate unit that houses all of the connections and is connected to the screen by an almost impossibly thin cable that can be easily hidden away. It even carries power to the screen, so the display itself doesn't need to be connected directly to a wall socket.

All told, this is an absolute steal at the price, but strike soon if you want one - stock won't be around much longer.

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Best TVs under £1000: 4K, HDR and budget TVs

(Image credit: Future / Amazon)

2. Sony KD-49XG9005

Sony’s effort has been rewarded – this is the best 49in TV you can buy for this money.


Type: LCD | Resolution: 4K | HDR support: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision | HDMI inputs: 4 | Dimensions (hwd, with stand): 70 x 109 x 27.4 cm

Reasons to Buy

Crisp and punchy picture
Great colours and motion
Solid sound

Reasons to Avoid

Blacks could be deeper

The Sony KD-49XG9005 has recently had a discount that brings it just below £1000, and means it can go straight in at the top of this list.

Brilliantly balanced, natural colours, lots of detail and super-sharp edges combine to deliver a picture that's both authentic and enticing, not to mention consistent across all sources. And it requires almost no tweaking to get the TV performing at its best.

The Android TV operating system, while still a bit behind the Samsung and LG alternatives, is steadily improving and boasts all of the apps you're likely to need. Sony has also added YouView to ensure all of the usual UK catch-up services are on board.

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Best TVs under £1000: 4K, HDR, big screen and budget options

(Image credit: Future / The Purge, Amazon Prime)

3. Panasonic TX-58GX800B

A big, budget TV with excellent features and an impressive, natural picture performance. What’s not to like?


Type: LCD with edge LED backlight | Resolution: 4K | HDMI inputs: 3 | HDR: HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HLG | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 76 x 130 x 6.5cm

Reasons to Buy

Detailed, subtle and natural
HDR10+ and Dolby Vision
Superb value

Reasons to Avoid

Rivals go brighter
Imperfect viewing angles
Average sound

Looking to go big for relatively little money? Then you simply have to check out the TX-58GX800B. The 50in version of this TV is already good value, but for just a little extra cash you can add an extra 8in of screen, turning an engaging viewing experience into something really cinematic.

Not that size and price are the only things that this Panasonic has going for it. It also boasts both Dolby Vision and HDR10+, an operating system that looks a bit basic but is very simple to use and contains all of the vital apps, and a performance that's effortlessly natural and detailed.

The viewing angles aren't amazing and you really need to add a soundbar to get an audio performance worthy of the picture, but for the money this is an absolute belter.

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Best TVs under £1000: 4K, HDR and budget TVs

(Image credit: Future / Future Man, Amazon Prime Video)

4. Hisense R50B7120UK

This smart 4K TV is extraordinary value for money


Screen size: 50in (also available in 43in, 55in, 65in) | Type: LCD | Backlight: Direct LED | Resolution: 4K | Operating system: Roku | HDR support: HDR10, HLG | HDMI inputs: 3 | USBs: 1 | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 113 x 66 x 8.6cm

Reasons to Buy

Strong upscaling
Clean, dynamic image
Excellent Roku platform

Reasons to Avoid

Not terribly sharp
Lacks some dark detail

This is the best cheap 50-inch TV you can buy. The Hisense R50B7120UK is a direct LED-backlit TV, with a 4K resolution, HDR support and all of the apps you could possibly need, thanks to the excellent Roku TV platform (it's the first Roku TV to land in the UK). And all at a staggeringly low price. 

It may not look much but in terms of features and connectivity, it surely offers everything you need, from HDMI, optical, USB and headphone connections, to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Freeview Play, Apple TV, Disney Plus, Spotify, and plenty more. The universal search could be better but the content is certainly there.

The picture itself is good straight out of the box, too, though tinkering a little with the contrast, brightness and colour settings will yield even better results. Motion is handled confidently, colours are bright and dynamic but never artificial, and while absolute detail in dark scenes can be bettered by more expensive TVs, any flaws here never distract from what is a watchable picture. We can't help but give a hearty recommendation for this budget 50-inch 4K TV.

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Best TVs under £1000: 4K, HDR, big screen and budget options

(Image credit: Future)

5. Panasonic TX-50GX800B

Dolby Vision meets HDR10+ in a very appealing package.


Type: LCD | Resolution: 4K | HDR support: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision | HDMI inputs: 3 | Dimensions (hwd, with stand): 70.8 x 112 x 23.6cm

Reasons to Buy

HDR10+ and Dolby Vision
Natural images
Tons of detail

Reasons to Avoid

Narrow viewing angles
Could be punchier
So-so audio

This set offers both of the main HDR formats (HDR10+ and Dolby Vision) and yet costs under £800. That's phenomenal value, especially considering sets twice that price can't match its HDR skillset.

Design-wise, we like the cut of its jib - it's almost as slim as an OLED, which is again very impressive given its price. The picture is no slouch either, proving wonderfully natural and balanced, with colour accuracy a particular highlight. The best TV for under £800, bar none.

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Best TVs under £1000: 4K, HDR, big screen and budget options

(Image credit: Future / Captain Marvel)

6. Samsung QE49Q70R

Stunning colours, intricate blacks and surprisingly good sound from this 49in QLED.


Type: LCD | Resolution: 4K | HDR support: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG | HDMI inputs: 4 | Dimensions (hwd, with stand): 71 x 110 x 25cm

Reasons to Buy

Textured & detailed blacks
Huge breadth of colour
Vast app selection

Reasons to Avoid

No Dolby Vision support
Slightly exaggerated reds

A 49in premium TV is something of a rarity. OLEDs don't currently go below 55in, and neither does Samsung's flagship Q90R (or the Q85R and Q80R, for that matter).

With the Q70R series, though, Samsung has opened up the options and is offering a 49in version. In other words, this is the best (or, at least, most advanced) TV that Samsung will sell you if you can't squeeze in a 55incher. That alone makes it a tasty proposition.

Thankfully, this is more than just a great on-paper proposition. Punchy and vibrant QLED colours, great detail and sharpness, and a great operating system bursting with apps (including Apple TV) make this an excellent option if 49in is as big as you're willing or able to go.

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Best TVs under £1000: 4K, HDR, big screen and budget options

(Image credit: Future / Expanse, Amazon Prime )

7. Samsung UE43RU7020

If the price is right, then this strong budget TV has to be considered.


Type: LCD with edge LED backlight | Resolution: 4K | HDMI inputs: 3 | HDR: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 56 x 97 x 5.8cm

Reasons to Buy

Good HDR handling
Excellent smart platform
Strong detail and scaling

Reasons to Avoid

Unimpressive audio
Slight colour inconsistency

It might not be the best affordable Samsung TV you can buy (that accolade goes to the UE43RU7470 above) but the UE43RU7020 is simply the most affordable Samsung TV you can buy - and it's still a good performer.

The 7020 does without the 7470's snazzy One Remote and Bixby voice control but otherwise offers the same, excellent user experience and access to practically every app you could ever desire.

Picture-wise, its colours are a little less spot-on, thanks to a downgrade in colour processor, but the picture performance is otherwise strong, particularly for the very low price.

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Best TVs under £1000: 4K, HDR, big screen and budget options

(Image credit: Future / Modern Love, Amazon Prime)

8. Panasonic TX-40GX800

A little pricey for its size, but the 40-inch GX800 is still a string choice


Type: LCD | Resolution: 4K | HDR support: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision | HDMI inputs: 3 | Dimensions (hwd, with stand): 52 x 90 x 6.3cm

Reasons to Buy

Vibrant, punchy picture
Superb colour credentials
Comprehensive HDR support

Reasons to Avoid

Image lacks nuance
SDR detail can drift
Basic audio performance

The 40in version of the GX800 isn't that much more affordable than its bigger siblings, above, making it less good value overall, but if you simply don't want to go bigger than 40in yet still want a strong performance and plenty of bells and whistles, it's still a strong contender.

The big news is support for all of the major HDR formats, including both Dolby Vision and HDR10+, and the basic but easy-to-use operating system gives you access to all of the most important apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the usual catch-up services.

The picture is a touch less sophisticated than that offered by its bigger brothers, but this is still a bright and punchy performance in its own right, with a nice, natural colour balance.

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Best TVs under £1000: 4K, HDR, big screen and budget options

(Image credit: Future / American Gods, Amazon Prime)

9. Polaroid P49UPA2029A

This supermarket special Polaroid 4K TV is much better than you might expect


Type: LCD | Resolution: 4K | HDR support: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG | HDMI inputs: 3

Reasons to Buy

Bright, sharp and detailed
Good selection of apps
Surprisingly decent audio

Reasons to Avoid

Lack of black depth
Colours could be more nuanced
More premium TVs are punchier

Even the most optimistic of tech buyers would have limited expectations of a TV costing just £349, particularly one branded Polaroid and exclusively available through Asda supermarkets.

But the Polaroid P49UPA2029A smashes those expectations. It’s a 49in TV that crams in 4K, a healthy smart TV platform and support for HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision, yet costs more or less a third as much as the Sony KD-49XG9005 at the top of this list.

Clearly this Polaroid isn't up there with the Sony in terms of performance, but you might be surprised at just how accomplished it is for the money. Bright, sharp and detailed, and more than capable of making the most of 4K HDR signals, it really is worth a trip to Asda.

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