• Audio-Technica ATH-CK400i
Our Verdict 
Despite some good points, these buds suffer from being too lightweight
Direct delivery, can sound intimate, good mic placing
Budget feel, thin sound, lightweight bass
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These Audio-Technicas certainly don’t look like the cheapest out there, but the cable and casing reveal their budget materials.

Although it can seem awkward to have the button quite high up the cable, it does mean that the mic is always close enough to clearly pick up your voice and that the unit isn’t obstructed by your clothes.

In action they sound a bit lightweight. It’s very much a midrange delivery, with little in the way of bass.

Surprisingly it’s not the big basslines that really suffer, but vocals. While clear, direct and clean, they lack the body that a bit of bass weight helps to flesh out.

It’s a shame, because the way the vocals are brought forward creates a nicely intimate delivery of low-key acoustic numbers like Adele’s Daydreamer.

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