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Xbox Series X could support VR, error message suggests

Xbox Series X could support VR, error message suggests
(Image credit: Future)

Once again, there are signs that the Xbox Series X/S will support virtual reality headsets. According to IGN Italia (via Google Translate), some gamers are reporting error messages popping up on their consoles that mention a VR headset.

The message appears when the new Xbox Wireless Headset is connected to the console via USB. It reads "An update for the VR headset is available", followed by another message instructing gamers to "Update VR headset" before continuing.

It's not the first time that VR and the Xbox Series X have been mentioned in the same sentence. Early last year, Microsoft's Phil Spencer said that VR support would be a "no brainer" for the Series X, providing VR continued to grow in popularity. Before the Series X unveiling, Microsoft also claimed that its next console would support "high fidelity VR". But so far, nothing.

Microsoft already has some fingers in the VR/AR pie, working alongside partner brands to create Windows VR and Mixed Reality headsets.

Will we see a dedicated Xbox VR headset? Will Microsoft make its consoles compatible with the likes of the Oculus Quest? Or was the error message just an error itself? We've contacted Microsoft for comment and will update this if we hear back.


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