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Vertere Acoustics DG-1 turntable gets Magneto cartridge upgrade

Vertere Acoustics adds Magneto cartridge to DG-1 Dynamic Groove turntable
(Image credit: Vertere Acoustics)

Vertere Acoustics has upgraded its entry-level DG-1 Dynamic Groove turntable with a new cartridge, the Magneto. Also made by Vertere, it now ships as standard on all DG-1s – and has done for the last month.

The Magneto is closely aligned to the Audio Technica VM520EB that originally came with the summer 2019-launched DG-1, and is stylus compatible with that AT-VM5x range – but there are some subtle improvements.

For starters, the Magneto is "tolerant of records in less than perfect condition", according to Vertere. Which may be the case with many owners of the DG-1, Vertere's most affordable record deck (though it's still far from cheap). Despite this, the cartridge is still very musical, Vertere insists.

Magneto utilises a "finely finished" Elliptical stylus to enhance tracking accuracy, while a permalloy centre shield plate supposedly provides a higher frequency response with electrical crosstalk typically better than 40dB. Its stylus is replaceable, too.

Already bought a DG-1 and want to fit this new cartridge? Vertere will publish a blog and video later in the year filling us in with upgrade options. So stay tuned.


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