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Monitor Audio Vecta V240: all-weather wall speakers

The latest additions to the British brand’s speaker line-up are slightly different beasts to the Monitor Audio fare we’re most familiar with - and not only because they’re oval in shape. Debuted at ISE 2018, the Vecta V240s are all-weather speakers, designed to be wall-mounted on either side of your home's brick wall.

With the V-mount bracket, the Vectas can simply drop into place, horizontally or vertically, with a single screw. The straight bracket allows them to be angled up to 25 degrees, or tilted a further 32.5 degrees using the optional wedge, while the corner variant tackles more difficult installation circumstances.

The driver technology and materials borrow from the Vecta’s siblings. Dual 4in C-CAM metal cone meets a curved baffle to ensure sound dispersion is controlled, which Monitor Audio says minimizes ceiling or wall reflections when placed in a corner. The centrally mounted 25mm Gold C-CAM tweeter is horn loaded to optimize dispersion at the crossover point, too.

Naturally for outdoor-suitable speakers, their IP55 protection rating means they can be exposed to the elements - thanks to their sealed cabinet (available in white or black) and ‘rust-proof’ grilles.


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