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HOT DEALS: Roksan offers £700 trade-in scheme on old CD players

Roksan M2

If you own an older Roksan DP-1, Attessa or Caspian CD player you can save £700 by trading in your old model for a new Roksan M2, best CD player for £1000+ in our Awards 2011.

The deal, offered by Roksan and its UK distributor Henley Designs, even applies to the models mentioned if they don't work any more.

So if you got a broken, dusty DP-1, Attessa or Caspian cluttering up your home, contact Henley Designs to trade it in (01235 511166).

"By recognising that older products can drop dramatically in value when traded in or sold secondhand, Roksan has introduced this scheme to allow some of its most loyal customers to modernise their system, but not to suffer the penalty from having owned their current equiment for 'too long'," the company says.

The Roksan M2 normally sells for £1649, but with the trade-in discount costs £949.

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