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Australian Hi-Fi mag reviews the Gold Note DS-10 and more in its latest issue

Gold Note DS-10 DAC Streamer Headphone Amplifier
Gold Note DS-10 DAC Streamer Headphone Amplifier (Image credit: Future)

The January/February 2020 issue of Australian Hi-Fi magazine is now on sale at newsagencies right around Australia as well as digitally via Zinio

The new issue is proving to be a popular one: it contains not only the first Australian review and lab test of the Pro-Ject X-1 turntable, but our expert lab test and review of Italian DAC, network player and headphone amplifier, the Gold Note DS-10, by one of Australia's best-known audio equipment reviewers, Stephen Dawson. It's recently been updated with the release of the Gold Note DS-10 PLUS.

Other reviews in this first issue for 2020 include the Exposure 2010S2 D integrated amplifier, Focal's Kanta No 3 loudspeakers and Ayre Acoustics' EX-8 integrated hub, all of which are accompanied by full, independent laboratory tests.

If your local newsagent has sold out (or you'd prefer to read on your phone or tablet) you can pick up individual digital issues of Australian Hi-Fi from Zinio, or subscribe for a discounted rate. If you're an old-school print fan and want to ensure you never miss an issue, you can also save money with one of our subscription options from