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Mission E5 review

Sadly, the Missions don't even get close to justifying their cost Tested at £2200.00

Our Verdict

The Mission E5 package fails to convince in any aspect of its performance or build. Best avoided.


  • Goes fairly loud
  • isn’t fussy over positioning


  • Lacks excitement, scale and detail
  • overly hard delivery
  • expect better looks and build at this price

The price of this speaker package would buy a second-hand car, a conservatory, or a really nice holiday, so the package itself should be pretty special. The Mission E5 system is anything but.

For a start, build and styling are not what you would expect of a ‘premium' product. The materials used look and feel cheap and unsubstantial, and the aesthetics are uninspired at best.

Neither does the sound bring any solace: the bass is too gentle and unconvincing and treble is uncomfortably harsh. What's more, the various speakers exhibit some quite identifiable tonal inequalities, thus creating a surround field lacking in cohesion.

Not big on bombast
Bombast and sheer excitement are noticeably absent, too: the depth-charge scene in U571 should shake you out of your seat, but the Missions succeed only in inducing boredom.

Is this lack of excitability countered by delicacy and detail? Unfortunately: no. Dialogue is delivered without passion, drama or even clarity, and music is spoilt by the harsh treble and sonic imbalance.

Put simply, the E5s don't even get close to justifying their price.


General Information

Product NameMission E5