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Jays a-Jays Four review

Virtually tangle-free cable is one feature that helps make the Jays a-Jays a good buy Tested at £50

Our Verdict

Combine looks, spec and performance to alluring effect


  • Comfortable
  • good detail
  • punchy bass


  • Slight top frequency concerns

The striking a-Jays Fours sport a broad, flat cable virtually immune to tangling. The L-shaped plug is a thoughtful touch, as is the in-line three-button remote control/mic for iPhone.

They’re light and comfortable, and once in place deliver an open, revealing sound. Detail levels are high, dynamic ability is strong and the 9mm driver serves up punchy low frequencies.

The midrange is as neatly integrated as it is securely separated. Only the top of the frequency range, glinting dangerously at all times and more than ready to show its claws when volume levels get serious, could give any cause for concern.

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