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The best OLED TV deals 2021: get the best OLEDs at the lowest prices

So, you've decided it's time to buy a new TV, and you've decided it has to be an OLED. Good choice! But which OLED should you buy and how can you be sure you're getting a great deal? Easy: you keep reading this very page.

There are some great OLED TV deals around right now, with some of the best OLED TVs we've tested over the last 12 months or so currently cheaper than ever before.

2020 models are approaching end of life and manufacturers are aggressively competing for your cash. What's more, there are still just a few 2019 models available – just make sure the 2020 version isn't now available for a similarly low price.

Of course, you could go for one of the new 2021 OLEDs that have started appearing shops, but it'll be a while before you get any significant discounts on those. If it's a real deal that you're after, you need to be looking at the outgoing sets.

We've used our expertise to round up the best OLED TVs at the best possible prices, making your hunt that much easier. In other words, if you're looking to buy an OLED TV, this is the only page you need.

Without further ado, here are the best cheap OLED TV deals available online.

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48-inch OLED TV deals

Sony KD-48A9 48-inch OLED TV £1799 £1399 at Sevenoaks
To cut a long story short, this is the best sub-50-inch TV you can buy. In fact, it's probably the best sub-50-inch TV there's ever been. This is one of the first OLED TVs available below 55 inches, and it trumps the LG CX (below) for both picture and sound quality. That said, it doesn't have the next-gen HDMI features of the LG, which is something to consider if you're a keen gamer.View Deal

LG OLED48CX 48-inch OLED TV £1499 £1275 at Richer Sounds
It's taken a while, but the 48-inch LG CX has finally had a worthwhile discount. This was the first 48-inch OLED TV to appear and, while the Sony A9 above trumps it for picture and sound, the LG CX is more feature-packed and more affordable. Do bear in mind, though, that the 55-inch version is even cheaper.View Deal

55-inch OLED TV deals

LG OLED55CX 2020 OLED TV £1799 £1150 at Peter Tyson
The 55-inch LG CX is now back down to its Black Friday price, making is a serious bargain. This is the most affordable LG model that has all of the company's latest picture technology, and it performs beautifully, taking the already excellent C9 and adding more dark detail, richer colours and better motion. It's got you covered for next-gen games consoles, too, thanks to HDMIs that support features such as VRR.View Deal

Panasonic TX-55HZ1000B OLED TV £1995 £1499 at Hughes
This is, without doubt, one of the best TVs of 2020, receiving a five-star rating from us when we reviewed it at £1899. It's now £400 cheaper than that (and £500 cheaper than at launch), making it an even better buy.View Deal

Sony KD-55A8 55-inch OLED TV £1999 £1199 at John Lewis
Sony's top 2020 OLED is one of its best TVs yet. It majors on realism and authenticity, all without sacrificing punch and vibrancy. It sounds very good by prevailing standards, too, and boasts a smart, subtle design. Gamers looking to the next generation of consoles should pause to consider the lack of some HDMI features, but the A8 is otherwise an excellent all-rounder that will be a pleasure to own.View Deal

Sony KD-55AG9 4K OLED TV £2799 £1349 at Currys
This 2019 Sony flagship TV offers superb sound and a good picture. The launch price was rather steep but it's now £1450 cheaper than the RRP, making it a worthy contender for your cash.View Deal

65-inch OLED TV deals

LG OLED65CX 2020 OLED TV £2799 £1799 at John Lewis
The 65-inch version LG's superb CX has been discounted even more than its 55-inch sibling above. In fact, you can now save a truly amazing £1000 on its original price! It's a brilliant performer that improves on the excellent C9 from 2019 in a number of areas, and it's got all of the feature you need for next-gen gaming, such as 4K@120Hz support and VRR.View Deal

Philips 65OLED805 65-inch OLED TV: £2199 £1798 at Currys
Just like its 55-inch sibling above, the 65-inch version of the OLED805 is the best TV available at its size. It's the best for picture performance, it sounds better than almost all rivals, and it's got awesome Ambilight for a touch of the spectacular. The Android TV operating system is packed with apps, too. It was great value at launch and is even more so now.View Deal

LG OLED65GX 2020 OLED TV £3499 £2099 at Peter Tyson
This model doesn't only offer LG's best 2020 OLED picture yet, it also boasts a supremely thin and stylish chassis that's designed specifically for wall mounting. Best of all, it's now had a hefty discount.View Deal

Sony KD-65AG9 65in OLED TV £3999 £1999 at Sevenoaks
Sony's 2019 Master Series OLED majors on picture authenticity and has one of the best sound solutions of any current TV - hidden actuators vibrate the whole screen to make an excellent sound that matches the on-screen action perfectly. It's a pricey TV compared to many above, but it is £2000 more affordable than the original asking price.View Deal

Philips 65OLED984 65-inch OLED with B&W sound £4499 £2447 at Laptops Direct
In our review of this Philips we stated that 'Incredible images and stunning sound combine to make the OLED984 worthy of its eye-watering price tag'. While still a very expensive TV, the price tag is now vastly less eye-watering than it once was.View Deal

77-inch OLED TV deals

LG OLED77CX OLED TV £4999 £3288 at Selfridges
If you're looking for the ultimate 2020 TV, this could well be it. It takes all of the features and abilities of the smaller CX models and stretches them out to a truly immersive and cinematic 77 inches. And the bigger the TV, the bigger the discount: you can save a whopping £1700 on this TV right now.View Deal