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Best Nintendo Switch deals 2020

Best Nintendo Switch deals 2020
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The best Nintendo Switch deals tend to sell out fast. But don't panic, because we've scoured the internet for the cheapest deals and biggest discounts on Nintendo's latest and greatest games consoles.

The Switch is a unique console. While the next-gen Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X concentrate on raw power, the Nintendo Switch stays true to Nintendo's ethos and goes for pure fun.

As well as top tier games in the iconic Mario and Zelda series, the Nintendo Switch has an extra trick up its sleeve – it doubles as a portable games console. Slot the tablet-sized screen into the controller, and you can game on the go. 

The Nintendo Switch doesn't output in 4K, and it can't run Blu-rays or DVDs. But this is a games console, pure and simple, rather than the heart of your home entertainment system.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a cheaper version of the Switch and purely for gaming on the go. The Lite can't be used to play games on your TV, nor does it come with a dock. The Switch Lite screen measures 5.5in compared to 6.2in on the Switch. Both consoles output 720p HD resolution.

Now you know what you want, hit save on the best Nintendo Switch deals...

Best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite deals

Switch Lite with free Stealth case accessory £225 £199 at Argos
Argos is offering the Switch Lite with a nifty free case. And for an extra tenner, the retailer will throw in a copy of racing game Cars 3. The offers both expire soon, so best hurry. To find them, you'll need to scroll down and select 'Special Offers' on Argos's website. View Deal

Nintendo Switch £279 at Argos - LIMITED STOCK
As demand skyrockets, the Nintendo Switch is becoming increasingly scarce. Happily, Argos has a few in stock. The deal includes two wireless Joy-Con controllers, too. Don't delay if you fancy getting stuck into Mario for Christmas.

View Deal

Best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite bundle deals

Nintendo Switch Neon with Ring Fit £344 £339 at Currys
This deal shaves £5 off the price of the console and the game when bought separately. Popular fitness adventure game Ring Fit should help you shave off a few of those post-Christmas pounds, too.  View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite with Mario Kart 8 £236 £219 at Currys
Here's one of the most affordable handheld gaming bundles around: a Nintendo Switch Lite with the must-have game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Play with up to 40 characters across 48 courses as you battle for victory in over 10 cups. Save £17 while stocks last.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Special Edition £365 at Amazon
It's not the cheapest bundle but that's to be expected as its one of the most sought-after bundles right now. It includes a Switch console with custom design plus Fortnite, which promises 100-player Battle Royales.View Deal

Switch Lite with Super Mario 3D Allstars £245 £219 at Currys
This ace bundle saves you over £30 compared to buying the console and game separately. Super Mario 3D Allstars is relatively new, so this is a real bargain. Not keen on the console in grey? Currys is offering the same deal on the turquoise Switch Lite. View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite with Animal Crossing and Minecraft £254 £239 at Currys
Save £15 with this bundle. When you consider the typical cost of the two games and the console itself, you're essentially getting Minecraft for free. That's got to be a win in anybody's book.
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