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Best Speaker packages 2014

Product of the year

Best traditional package £700-£1500

Dali Zensor 1 5.1

"Still the finest-sounding surround sound package available for this money, and easier to accommodate in small- to medium-sized rooms."

Best buys

Best style package £1400-£1800

Monitor Audio Radius R90HT1

"With its classy design, beautiful sound and excellent integration, this has Best Buy written all over it."

Best style package £700-£1000

Q Acoustics Q7000i

"Got £900 to spend on a sub/sat package? Spend it here. At the sub-£1000 level you'll struggle to top it."

Best traditional package £1500-£2500

Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1

"Cambridge Audio has delivered an excellent 5.1 package that is as exciting, informative and seamless as we've heard for the money."

Best traditional package up to £700

Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1

"A must-hear for anyone who wants an attractive and affordable 5.1 system that works as well with music as it does with home cinema."

Best traditional package £2500-£3500

KEF R100 5.1

"Gorgeous looks, gorgeous sound, gorgeous package – nothing's managed to knock this superb set-up off its perch."

Best style package £1000-£1400

Bowers & Wilkins MT-50

"A small, flexible and hugely impressive sounding package with excellent build quality and stylish looks."

Best style package up to £700

Tannoy HTS-101

"It may be small, but this Tannoy package is perfectly formed, with an open sound and good integration. A terrific buy at less than £400."

Best style package £1800+

Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D

"Ticks all our performance boxes: a true all-rounder, confident in multichannel and stereo, beautifully built and extremely versatile."