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AKG K240 MKII review

Comfortable, and sound spacious, but you can do better for the money Tested at £100.00

Our Verdict

Always listenable, but you can do much better at this money


  • Comfortable
  • spacious, even delivery
  • don’t leak as much as the fully open ‘phones


  • Too soft to dig-up the finest details and dynamic nuances
  • needs a bit more punch

We see a fair number of AKG headphones here, but rarely models form the Pro side of the business, which is where these K 240 MK IIs come from.

There are a few little features that will please the musical professional and home enthusiast, like a quick release to change the 3m straight cable for a 5m coiled one (also included).

There are two pairs of earpads in the box, too, the relatively firm vinyl ones that are pre-attached, and bigger, softer velvet ones for those who are so inclined.

Leaky, but they're not the worst

Either way, they're very comfortable on your head: light and with enough pressure to keep them fairly well attached without pinching.

The line between open and semi-open can be a rather fine one, and the AKGs, which are described as semi-open have a series of fairly large ports on each can.

However, although they let enough sound escape for them to be a pretty irresponsible choice for a bus journey, they leak far less than the Grado models here.

Besides, they're not designed for bus journeys, but for serious listening at home. Thing is, their sonic performance isn't quite good enough for really serious listening.

Smooth, fluid performance

Play I Am Arrows' Nice Try and they're initially very pleasing, offering-up a smooth and fluid performance that bounces along to the chirpy tune.

The vocals are clear and direct, but there's a very pleasant airiness to the overall presentation, and the tonal balance is very even.

There are flaws, though: that smooth fluidity comes at the expense of the drive, punch and detail that the best are capable of producing, and they also lack the insight and dynamic subtlety to deliver the low-level nuances of a delicate analogue recording like The Road soundtrack.

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