Our Verdict 
This updated version of the award-winning Equinox serves up a good sound, but could do with more firmness
Sweet midrange
smooth treble
stylish design
Fiddly to move and set up
lacks some firmness and grip
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The latest rack to emerge from the Atacama stable is the limited edition (of 500), stylish metal and glass Equinox Hi-Fi Celebration LE.

It's modular, and uses a delicate ball-bearing and cup support between its shelves. It's fiddly to move though, and the ball-bearings are prone to escaping.

Using the Celebration LE, our testing gear served up a warm and lively sound with a wide soundstage.

Vocals sound sweet and emotive in the mid-range, while the treble is pleasantly smooth with good detailing.

The bass is more than capable here, but could do with additional grip and firmness, especially when handling a complex song like Joss Stone's Fell In Love With A Boy.

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