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Should you buy a Jam Audio wireless speaker?

Should you buy a Jam wireless speaker? Are they any good?

If you're on the look out for a new Bluetooth speaker, you'll know that the market is awash with them, from portable budget models well under £100 to premium wireless speakers closer to £1000.

The likes of Bang & Olufsen, Bose and JBL dominate the shelves and sales, and you probably have a good idea as to the pedigree of most of these mainstream brands, but what about those that aren’t quite as familiar?

Jam Audio is one brand that regularly crops up in seasonal sales, with all manner of discounts on its wireless speakers and headphones, but are they worth a punt? Read on for our opinion.

So should you buy a Jam speaker?

Jam Audio is one name that could crop up quite regularly as you scour wireless speaker deals.

This consumer electronics brand has a wide range of portable products including Bluetooth speakers and wireless in- and over-ear headphones. Prices range from under £10 ($15) to around £100 ($75) so you’re talking budget and affordable. But are they any good?

Our experience of Jam products over the years has been limited to a couple of Bluetooth speakers: the £25 ($50) Jam Classic 2.0 and the £60 ($44) Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920.

We didn’t find the Jam Classic to be the most captivating of performers, noting that if your aim was to boost the audio of your smartphone, “the JAM Classic 2.0 does enough. Just.” Three stars was our indifferent verdict.

On the other hand we were very impressed with what the Jam Heavy Metal had to offer, handing it five stars and praising its “impressive bass reach”. We called it a “well made, good-looking slab of metal," and it's a popular option given it tends to be half-price if you shop around.

You can find the Jam Hang Up wireless speaker available for just £15 (opens in new tab) ($17 (opens in new tab)). This dinky speaker comes in six different colours and is water- and dust-proof. Given its size, the Hang Up is probably best suited to occasional portable use, rather than making it your go-to Bluetooth speaker.


Although there might be some value if Jam's pricier speakers have decent discounts once again, we think you should probably investigate other deals available from rival brands before you commit. The likes of Ultimate Ears and JBL both have products that could rival Jam for audio quality and features at this end of the market, and they regularly go on sale too.

For inspiration, we’d suggest checking out our other wireless speaker reviews or consulting our list of the best Bluetooth speakers to help guide you.

Best Jam Audio Bluetooth speaker deals

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Jam Audio Hang Tight wireless speaker £49.99 £25
(opens in new tab)There's no scenario too tough for the Hang Tight - it's waterproof, dustproof and should be good for 12 hours of music playback. You cand use it to answer calls and there's a built-in charging cable for ultimate convenience.

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Jam Audio Double Down Bluetooth speaker £59.99 £32 (opens in new tab)
This petite, ultra-portable wireless speaker boasts six-hour battery life and a range of around 10 metres. It can double as a speakerphone, while its splashproof and rubberised body makes it ready for the great ourdoors.

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Jam Hang Around Waterproof Bluetooth speaker £60 £38 (opens in new tab) 
A slightly more serious speaker offering, the Hang Around offers 20 hours of playback from a charge and can be placed on a shelf or hung by its rubber handle. It's also dustproof and has a 3.5mm input and USB charging port. 

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Jam Audio Heavy Metal Stereo Bluetooth speaker £99 £60 (opens in new tab) 
We were very impressed with what the Jam Heavy Metal had to offer, handing it five stars and praising its “impressive bass reach”. We called it a “well made, good-looking slab of metal.” Now with a £40 saving. 

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Jam Audio Symphony wireless speaker with Alexa £150 £97
(opens in new tab)This 2.1 speaker ca be partnered with other Jam Audio wi-fi speakers to build a multi-room system. It's controlled through the Jam Wi-Fi App which also works with Alexa voice control and various streaming services, including Spotify, Tiday and TuneIn.


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