£ 4500

This Cinema 21:9 set looks absolutely stunning, but it's hard for it to justify its hefty price tag

£ 1140

One of the cheaper Panasonic plasma's available, the TX-P50G10 does a lot right and features a very impressive spec sheet too

£ 1400

This smart big-screen Samsung seems to do pretty much everything right when it comes to delivering the goods - put it on your audition list

£ 1295

We know that Sony makes top-class LCD televisions, but in this case the backlighting lets this otherwise good set down

£ 1650

Staggering motion handling from this big-screen Sony 52in LCD, but once again, it falls foul of a backlight that can't do its job properly

£ 1150

There's not much to choose between Panasonic's 'S10 plasma and its sibling in the 'P' series - the 'G10

£ 1145

This Toshiba does nothing to disgrace itself, but needs to behave more like a new big-screen than one from a few years ago

£ 400

This no-frills set it a great budget option, and if you hunt around you should be able to get it even cheaper

£ 950

At this sort of money, so-so performance just isn't good enough

£ 4300

This is the flagship model in Panasonic's 2009 TV range, but can it live up to its lofty pricetag?