£ 250

Crisp, lean sound with good features, but a lack of bass weight spells trouble for this compact soundbase

£ 350

The Onkyo goes loud and deep, but there are more refined and talented rivals for a better price

£ 400

With gorgeous sound and looks, this Canton is an immensely satisfying improvement to TV sound

£ 250

It’s lovely to use, but the Denon’s unremarkable sound failed to ignite our interest

£ 200

This Cambridge Audio soundbase ticks all the right boxes. It delivers a fantastic, exciting sound for a great budget price

£ 600

A classic example of style over substance. Given tweaks to the sound it could be far better, but that’s not to be for now

£ 600

Product of the Year, Awards 2013. If you want a shape-shifting soundbar with surround sound, make sure to seek this one out

£ 1000

Best soundbar £800+, Awards 2013. It’s a brave move making your first soundbar £1000, but Monitor Audio pulls it off

£ 1100

A thunderous, exciting listen, but a bit of a blunt instrument – the Canton would benefit from greater subtlety and refinement

£ 1100

The Lounge is a tall, beefy-sounding bar. But it lacks the sonic ability needed to make an impact at this level