CD players


£ 5000

A CD player packed with the latest technology – the Parasound Halo CD1 isn’t cheap but it is a fine CD player

£ 4298

Copland’s CDA 825 is a terrific player. If you still value top-class CD replay, give this machine a listen

£ 1200

An incredibly capable performer, but a touch too clinical for our tastes

£ 300

A fine player for the money and a worthy rival to the award-winning Marantz CD6004

£ 500

A talented player, but stiff competition edges it out

£ 200

A decent effort at a sensible price, but it’s not quite an all-rounder

£ 1200

Best CD player £1000-£1500, Awards 2012. Updated CD 8 improves on an already superb package

£ 700

Now more affordable and even harder to resist

£ 1275

A quirky looker with some appealing features, but attention to detail is poor and there are better, cheaper rivals

£ 450

Good looking and spacious sounding, but not the best