£ 600

They're stylish in the extreme, but these open-backed Sennheisers are also refined performers with a smooth presentation

£ 130

Product of the Year, Awards 2013. Now even better value

£ 760

These are the best closed-back headphones we’ve heard at this price

£ 700

Fun-sounding headphones that leak sound, but deliver plenty of thrills

B&W P3

£ 170

Stylish and sonically talented, but newer rivals have the edge

£ 210

Neatly packaged, but the sound and noise cancelling aren’t up to it

£ 20

Not bad in general, but thick bass knocks them down to average

£ 230

Comfortable, easy-going headphones with a refined sound

£ 1000

The stunning AKG K3003i headphones made our jaws drop in every conceivable way

£ 140

The noise-cancelling Sennheiser PXC 250-II are dainty which makes them great for the commute