£ 30

These striking buds have a huge cult following in Japan, and we can see why

£ 45

If you crave bass at the expense of all else, then these are the buds for you

£ 25

They might not be the epitome of “hi-fi”, but the EP-100s offer a dramatic, enjoyably musical performance

£ 40

Punchy, entertaining sound on a short volume leash

£ 25

Easy-going, decently detailed sound, let down by fat bass and notched-out midrange

£ 35

A fine successor to the multi-award-winning CX300 series

£ 36

Wooly, indistinct bass hampers an otherwise decent performance

£ 30

A lot of thought has clearly gone into the design and build. If only there was a bit more substance under all that style

£ 170

A strong debut for Harman-Kardon's first pair of cans

£ 200

These celebrity Monster buds are good for the money, but not the best